Considering Communion on the tongue

The CMAA Colloquium is encouraging everyone attending to receive Communion on the tongue (at the Extraordinary Form, of course, it’s the norm), and at least at the first OF Mass they did, they made it very difficult to receive in any other fashion. (I’m not sure that’s OK, but I’m not a liturgical expert. If anyone out there can enlighten me, that would be appreciated.)

So, OK, I’m here this week to learn new things and try new things, and I don’t think I had ever received Communion on the tongue.

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So I knelt at a gap in the communion rail (because of course there was a gap). A couple things I noticed from the experience:

Communion went pretty quick. Makes sense. It’s faster to have one person moving and a bunch of people waiting in position.

Receiving the Eucharist did seem more intimate at the Communion rail. That much I liked.

And really, I actually kind of liked the experience. Considering that and the practical consideration of speed, I wouldn’t object to the reinstitution of Communion on the tongue, nor to the use of the Communion rail, in a parish I work at.


2 responses to “Considering Communion on the tongue

  1. It’s already an option (receiving on the tongue), so I am uncertain what you mean by “re-institution.” As someone who has distributed the Body, I have to tell you that it’s a fraught experience by trying to land the Host without touching someone’s tongue. It also seems removed from “take and eat” and the milieu of the Last Supper.

    • Good catch. Writing while tired doesn’t serve me very well sometimes. I meant “reinstitution” of Communion only on the tongue, which I understand to be a: an option and b: how things used to be done.

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