Well, drat.

A few months ago, I made the decision that at some point, I wanted to do sacred music full time. And a couple months ago, a job came up that would have put me closer to that goal. It was a great parish. I went for it with all my effort. I interviewed well. Impressed people.

Still didn’t get it.

Now, it’s understandable. The winner was more qualified. So I am not mad at the parish, who picked someone clearly able to do the job and was very complimentary to me when they informed me they picked someone else. Still, I am a bit bummed.

Now, the goods that came out of this experience vastly outweigh the bad. I got interviewing experience. I showed I can do the work. I came away feeling more confident about my skills. And I will be better for the next time I go through this.

Still, bummer. I had a couple beers, watched football (the Packers lost, which made me happy), and slept it off.

Onward and upward. I still have plenty of rewarding work that makes me happy. This hasn’t always been the case when I was seeking work. So I am still in a very good spot.

I am very blessed. Even with this disappointment, I need to remember that.

3 responses to “Disappointment

  1. Sorry. Rejection stings, even if in the long run you can look back and see where your path turned put better than had you gotten what you wanted when you wanted it.

    • Thanks. I suppose I don’t feel rejected, per se. I feel more like a guy who ran a race and just came up short of the gold. I know I did my best, and my best was very good; just wasn’t quite enough. I’m happy to speak highly of the parish and the pastor (though I don’t ID parishes and pastors as a rule here) and wouldn’t have a problem filling in if they needed it.

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