Grin and bear it

I am not perfect at this music biz. I do mess up from time to time, and so do the choirs and cantors I work with.

But the other day, things fell apart with one of my choirs to such an extent during a hymn that I couldn’t help but grin and bear it.

To wit:
• I had forgotten to remove a transposition on the Clavinova, so the guitarist and I started a note apart. I fixed it, and we had to restart, which is a very bad thing.
• The guitarist, also the music director, repeated the refrain a third time at the outset. Alas, no one else did.
• One cantor started singing verse 3. Except we were on verse 2, which the other cantor was singing.

Now, before you ask, yes, we had practiced beforehand. But sometimes it just happens. A couple verses in, I looked at the music director and smiled. Somehow, we recovered from the cascade of goofs and got through it. And sometimes, you have to dust yourself off, smile, and remember that there’s always next week.

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