About Krummhorn

Photo by Stephanie Bassos

Krummhorn is the pen name of Tim Horneman, a Catholic organist and pianist based in the suburbs of Chicago. By day, I’m an editor (the writing type) for an Internet-based business located in Chicago.

Why call this “Pull Out All the Stops?” As it turns out, that common phrase is derived from playing a church organ. If you want to play really, really, really loud, you have to (on certain types of organs) pull a knob for each set of pipes (the stop). So if you’ve pulled out all the stops, you’re probably going to get a sound like this:

For more information about my pen name, there’s nothing like Wikipedia.

Oh, and I really shouldn’t have to say this, but any opinions I post here shouldn’t be taken as representative of any of my workplaces, nor should you be trolling here for dirt on any of my workplaces; I have none to provide. Any errors of fact are mine alone, and I’ll fix them if they’re brought to my attention. And though I intend to be realistic about the life of church organisting, I also don’t intend to make life more difficult for those I know IRL who are reading this, so this also won’t be a sad substitute for therapy/revenge.

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5 responses to “About Krummhorn

  1. Nice music. But how did you manage to embed video so the image appears on the page? Well, I can’t exactly expect you to write out instructions, but I haven’t managed to do that successfully.

    • Under the vid, I hit the “share” button. That brings up the short link and another couple buttons. One is “embed,” and when you click on that, a box with the HTML for embedding shows up. I don’t have a choice on what image shows up in the box, though.

  2. Thank you, sir! You probably didn’t expect to be giving tutorials in the comments.

    • Oh, no prob, Russell. Sometimes this stuff isn’t the most user friendly. Though I don’t think YouTube had this autogenerated coding even, say, five years ago. You had to look somewhere else for help on that.

  3. Brilliant music. Vincent Price and scary movies come to mind.

    God bless.

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