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So, is this spam or just mad rantings?

The following went into my spam folder for the post where I zapped “Stuff You Should Know” on its papal podcast, and it landed the same day Francis was elected pope. But, for the life of me, I can’t tell whether it’s actually spam or just some confused individual ranting about … uh, something tied to the papacy. Read for yourself and decide:

In 1798 Napoleon arrested Pius VI and took Rome. Since 1798 we have had 7 Papal name’s. 1. Pius 2. Leo 3. Benedict 4. Gregory 5. John 6. Paul 7 John Paul.
Verse 11 of Revelation 17 the next Papal name after John Paul is suddenly out of order The beast that was, and is not even (also applies) is the 8th. This is saying Benedict “was” 2005-2013″ “is not” NO POPE, notice arrest warrants and take over of Vatican banks end of March. “yet is” returns to power, and name change.Antichrist is a word almost too simple, if that’s what it describes.I must say that if this is so, we live in a world crowded of Antichrists.It is said that the emperor Nero and Hitler were his precursorie.What had in common? The suberbia,they believed to be a God, were involved in the occult, one sought to exterminate Christians and the other Jews.I firmly believe that the prayer of each can change a lot. So I think that is pointless to do forecasting of the future

So, what do you think? Spam (I left it marked as spam and deleted it), or mad rantings of a terribly confused individual?