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A lay Catholic man watches “The Sisterhood”

There are some spoilers in this review.

I’m a lay, single Catholic man, which is probably not the target audience of “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns,” now airing on Lifetime, a network I don’t watch (I don’t even have cable). Still, my journalist instincts tell me I should watch this; it is an important show for Catholics for multiple reasons:

  1. It’s a mainstream reality show set in the Catholic world, and it appears there will be at least an effort to treat the subjects with respect.
  2. There are a lot of ways this could go wrong.
  3. There aren’t a lot of positive portrayals of Catholicism in the media, period, these days.
  4. The female religious life is struggling in the U.S. and could use a boost, especially in young women, as most orders are aging. Now, how many young nuns do you know? I know one (the lovely Sister Alicia Torres, ministering on the West Side of Chicago, where I really should pay her a visit). Most of you probably know zero. How many older nuns do you know? You may know a few. Some nuns who taught me in grade school are still alive, so there’s that.

So I [ugh] got the Lifetime channel added on my Roku (it doesn’t stream live, only offers on-demand episodes), and watched the first episode the day after it aired, then again after I said goodbye to my Thanksgiving visitors. Here are my thoughts — a note that one of the cast members, Claire, is a friend of one of my sisters and I’ve met her a couple times.

(Photo credit: Lifetime.)

(Photo credit: Lifetime.)


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7 quick takes: Can’t talk. Prepping for fantasy baseball draft.

— 1 —

Here are my stacks of paper with player rankings on them. Here are the experts’ picks for sleepers and busts. There, not bought because I’m not that insane, are the $9.95 preview issues. Yeah, it’s fantasy baseball time again — something I wrote about last year. I finished fourth (out of 10) last year, which wasn’t bad for a first-timer. Now, though, I need to try to improve upon that, because not only is the woman who used to be my boss and is now, as far as I’m concerned, a friend (she’s elsewhere in the company now), in the league, but so is her boyfriend and a different coworker. Plus I lost to my ex-boss in all of our head-to-head matchups last year, including our playoff match (though I beat her boyfriend each time).

— 2 —

My old friend Sister Alicia Torres was on the local news after Pope Francis’ election, though I inadvertently missed it. I’ve since finally caught up to it, and it’s a good interview. Check it out here. I really need to drop her a line and see what she’s up to on the West Side of Chicago. By all accounts, it looks like she’s extraordinarily happy.

— 3 —

The day job is giving me a challenge again. The copy editors (of which I am one) are all being dispersed and sent to specialized teams; mine is sports (so at least I know something about it). Also, we’re no longer copy editors. We’re “associate editors,” which means I have to get myself up to speed on a lot of other stuff. I’m a little nervous that I’m not going to be able to do it, though all indications are that I can, so I would appreciate a couple extra prayers, if you don’t mind.

— 4 —

All ready for Palm Sunday? I am. So is my Saturday choir. We’re doing a cappella stuff (no accompaniment) the whole way through after the Passion. It’ll be “Soul of My Savior,” “Keep in Mind,” and “Jesus, Remember Me,” all a cappella. I’m excited for it to happen. In a related note, a couple years ago, my main parish played a starring role in a short film entitled “Palm Sunday.” Check it out below.

— 5 —

The best moment of my week? It was yesterday, when a coworker brought her baby nephew into the office. The little guy, maybe three months old, was a little overwhelmed by the office environment, and he was staring all over the place. But when he got to me, I smiled at him, and he smiled back. Perhaps we can be cold-hearted from time to time, but when you get a baby smiling at you, that’s enough to melt the most terrible monster, you would hope.

— 6 —

Don’t even ask about my NCAA brackets. I filled one out for my new department’s bracket challenge … but they’re all sports people. I am, but not quite a sports fanatic on their level, and I haven’t paid attention to college basketball this year. I’m in the middle so far, at least.

— 7 —

Ever wonder what an animated “Calvin and Hobbes” would have looked like? Someone made one that’s fairly true to the comic strip (no voices, though). This is what he came up with:

Oh, would that have been nice to see.

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